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Macao College Tour

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Program Objectives

Recently, Macau has become a popular destination for Hong Kong students to study. Rapid development of the tourism and exhibition industry has created many career opportunities and employment prospects for graduates, providing an alternative option to studying abroad in European and American countries.

Historical Heritage

By visiting the cultural relics of the World Historical and Cultural Heritage Month in Macau (such as the Sanshouba Torii, the cannons, etc.), students can learn about the historical development and evolution of Macau in the colonies of their colleagues, and at the same time educate students about the importance of preserving cultural heritage.

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Culinary Culture

Macau is known to be a culinary heaven full of gourmet food. Students can experience new flavors of Portuguese snacks and famous Macau food and better understand the local cultural life of Macau.

Macao Institute for Tourism Studies

Established in 1995, the Macau Institute of Tourism is a public higher education institution affiliated with the Department of Social and Cultural Affairs of the Macau Special Administrative Region. It offers a range of degrees and professional training in tourism and hotel management, including Hospitality, Tourism, Culture, Conventions & Exhibitions, Retail & Marketing, Entertainment, Sports, Cultural creativity and Culinary Arts. In addition, the college runs advanced management courses in cooperation with internationally renowned institutions.

The college is commissioned by the SAR Government and other agencies to conduct policy research on tourism planning and development. The mission of the college is to become the preferred higher education institution for international tourism and service courses for the Asia-Pacific region, to equip students with professional knowledge and skills to play a leading role in the industry.

In 2017, the Macau Institute of Tourism became the first university in the world to pass the International Quality Assessment (IQR) of the British Higher Education Quality Assurance Agency (QAA); since the QS World University Rankings launched the ranking of hospitality and leisure management in 2017, the school of tourism ranks high in the global and Asian rankings. In the "Technical Tourism and Leisure Management" global ranking of 2019, Macau Institute of Tourism Studies ranked No. 1 in Macau, No. 3 in Greater China, No. 5 in Asian universities, and No. 30 in the world.

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