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World Classroom Program

World Classroom teaches valuable life lessons for students, transcending learning out of the conventional classroom environment. Students travel to different parts of the world to understand unique history, cultures and lifestyles, where they can gain insight and international perspectives. At the same time, global programs can enhance a student's critical thinking skills and ability to adapt to new surroundings.

World Classroom is a collaborative effort by numerous honorary members in the Hong Kong Education community, including:

Honorary Board Members: 
Mr. Tang Yiu Pong 
Dr. Gordon Tsui, JP


Principal Mr. Poon Siu Chi 


Board Members: 
Ms. May Chan 
Mr. Man Tat Chung
Principal Mr. Cheung Man Wai 
Principal Ms. Cheung Wai Ching Ada
Principal Mr. Lam Wai Choi 
Principal Mr. Nam Ching Sze 
Principal Mr. Teddy Tang, MH, JP
Principal Mr. Tam Yat Yuk
Principal Ms. Wong Siu Ling 
Principal Mr. Cheng Kai Lam 

Principal Mr. Yau Chi Leung

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