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CAME Dreamer Program

STEM Education Program

Co-create 21st century education, a new approach to developing next-level thinking 

Carmel Labs STEM Program committee is comprised of many leaders in the education space, including:

Lead Professor: 
Professor GAO Yun Feng

Principal Ms. Cheung Wai Ching 


Participating Members:
Mr. Tu Bo

Mr. Gao Zhen

Principal Mr. Wong Chi Wah Daniel

Principal Mr. Chan Cheong Shun Charley

Principal Mr. Chui Ka Cheung

Mr. Chan To

"CAME Lab not only contains science and technology experiments, but also wants students to become designers and markers of the program"


- Professor Gao Yunfeng

In practice, not only must students have time to modify and make the work quickly formed, but also in the process to enhance students' self-confidence and sense of achievement. In terms of expansion, we must use a large number of inspiring installations, rich teaching content and large-scale challenge activities as the starting point to consolidate the students' knowledge and skills, so that students can learn from the small and the large in practice, and comprehensively cover in practice. The small model of the laboratory, the big props of the TV station and the scientific problems in life can be solved easily.


On June 21, 2018, a group of 4 people including Yang Runxiong, the director of the Hong Kong Education Bureau, Ms. Kang Chencuihua, the deputy secretary general, Zhang Zhiming, the press secretary of the director, and Zhang Jianshuzi, the senior education director, came to the Aerospace Institute of Tsinghua University to visit CAME Lab. Professor Gao Yunfeng, the founder of CAME Lab, had extensive and in-depth exchanges on the development of Kamei Lab, STEM education, and maker movement. Yang Qingmei, deputy director of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office of Tsinghua University, and Ma Xiaohan, director of the Basic Education Branch of the Machinery Industry Press was among the audience.


During the exchange, Professor Gao Yunfeng made a special report entitled "STEM Courses and Activities in CAME Lab", and introduced the development process and latest progress of CAME Lab to Director Yang Runxiong in detail. Through many vivid cases, he explained the importance of CAME Lab's program in integrating the knowledge of various disciplines and using it in social practice, inspiring young people's scientific interest and craftsmanship, and cultivating their ability to solve practical problems.


Director Yang Runxiong enthusiastically reviewed the process and effectiveness of Professor Gao Yunfeng and his team in promoting STEM education in Hong Kong, while endorsing the positive impact of CAME Lab on STEM education in the Mainland and Hong Kong, applauding Professor Gao Yunfeng's contribution in promoting STEM education. He briefly introduced the development of STEM education in Hong Kong, and fully exchanged with Professor Gao Yunfeng on how to integrate the course in Hong Kong, through fostering frequent STEM education exchanges.


In 2016, the exchange group of principals of primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong visited the CAME Lab of Tsinghua University, which opened the prelude to the communication and cooperation between CAME Lab and the education sector in Hong Kong. Afterwards, the Hong Kong Education Bureau invited Professor Gao Yunfeng to give lectures to the principals of primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong.

In the past two years, with STEM education and CAME Lab as the link, STEM education exchanges and cooperation between Hong Kong and the Mainland have become more frequent. This development enhances and provides credibility for the educational and brand value of CAME Lab.


Published on June 23rd, 2018 in China Education News Network 

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