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English Teach Professional Training Program

School to school program to train professional English teachers in Sichuan as part of the redevelopment effort in constructing Sichuan's education after the earthquake. The program is co-hosted with Chow Tai Fook Jewelry of Hong Kong. ​

Professional English Teacher Development

Since the earthquake on May 12th in 2008, Partners Education Foundation has been diligent in organizing and funding post-disaster reconstruction initiatives. In October of the same year, the Association organized a "Sichuan Earthquake Reconstruction Mission" to visit the disaster area with 23 local principals and teachers, and organized a "We Will Not Forget" fundraising party for the Sichuan Community Care Campaign to support local reconstruction and raise awareness from different academic entities and communities.

In addition to resource support, Partners Education Foundation believes that continuous personnel training can not be ignored. We have partnered with York District Education Bureau of Ontario, Canada to organize a "Sichuan English Teacher Professional Training Course"that successfully funded more than 1,000 teachers in disaster areas in Sichuan to receive training in Sichuan and Hong Kong.

We hope that through professional English training, we can cultivate the English teaching culture and heighten standards of teachers in disaster-stricken areas. In 2012, we began to expand our services to schools in Guangdong Province.

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Building international communities through professional English training

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